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Immigration is a very difficult, and often daunting subject to navigate. If you are looking for Orange County’s TOP RATED Immigration Lawyer, with over 10 years of experience dedicated to navigating the USCIS and who will will treat your situation as if you were part of her own family, look no further. Safai Law is here to help. Contact us today!

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Safai Law is dedicated to assisting foreign nationals in successfully immigrating to the United States. The laws and regulations for legal immigration are extensive and detailed, and a mistake can cause a denial of your application. Our firm solely practices immigration law in order to provide the most focused and effective representation available. We handle all kinds of issues ranging from employment- based immigration to family-based immigration, as well as deportation defense.

By exclusively practicing immigration law, we can provide clients with the highest quality representation available across the nation. We have clients in Ohio, Florida, and even overseas in other parts of the world. No matter what your case may entail, we have what it takes to help you obtain the visa you need in order to start a new life in the beautiful United States of America.

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Unsure what to do on how to legally reside in the United States? Give us a call to discuss how we can help you in your unique situation.

Green Card/Citizenship

The US Green Card is one of the most common and sought after for immigrants and is the first step before you become a naturalized citizen and obtain your US Citizenship. Because the process is complicated and involves many different avenues, contact the experts at Safai Law to ensure that you are able to have the right forms and fees paid so to not cause delays to an already very lengthy process.

US Work Visa/H1-B

While we we specialize in all types of immigration questions – but we have extensive experience handling work visas.


Focused on exceptional service and simplifying the overall immigration process, Safai Law is here to help you navigate all the steps. Trustworthy, professional, and eager to help. Contact Us Today!


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