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Immigration questions and concerns can be extremely complicated and may lead to a significant amount of stress. When your ability to live your life – or build a life – in the United States is in jeopardy, you should take swift action. 

A knowledgeable immigration attorney can help you or a family member avoid deportation or address some other legal concern related to immigration status.

An Overview of Immigration Law

The term “immigration law” is an umbrella term that refers to various executive orders, court decisions, federal statutes, and federal regulations that define policies and procedures for allowing foreign nationals to live and work in the United States legally. These laws oftentimes change, along with the ways in which the government enforces these laws. Immigration matters are traditionally handled by three federal agencies:

Employment-Based Immigration

Employment visas allow individuals to work in the United States legally. To obtain an employment visa, an employer must first provide a job offer to an applicant and obtain the necessary certification from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). Some individuals who are highly regarded and well-known in their profession may also file their own immigrant petition without an accompanying employment offer – assuming they plan to work in the same field when they arrive in America.  

Family-Based Immigration

Family members of legal permanent residents (LPRs) and citizens can obtain an immigrant visa based on their relationship. There is no limit on the number of visas that the government may grant in a given year based on these relationships. Other relatives who are not immediately related to a U.S. citizen can obtain a family-based immigrant visa, including:

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The Advantages of Consulting an Attorney Now

One of the most common reasons why individuals seeking to immigrate to the United States receive a denial is because they do not file their applications properly. To help you avoid mistakes, you should seek out a skilled immigration lawyer as quickly as possible. In addition to assisting you with filing the necessary paperwork, an experienced immigration attorney can also help you with the following legal issues:

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Many of these issues are complex. A skilled immigration attorney can focus on helping you and the people you love enter, work, and live in the United States legally. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation.